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Online homeopathy help for postpartum depression and anxiety. International face to face consultations with Lone from the comfort of your home.

Seeing a homeopath from the privacy of your own home is convenient and comfortable. No need to get a baby sitter, getting in traffic, or finding and paying for parking. It is easy to make an appointment that fits your schedule, whether day or evening.

I am a classically trained homeopath DCH, MNHL, with fifteen years experience of treating people of all ages with physical and emotional health issues. I work primarily with postpartum depression and anxiety, but do see patients with a variety of health related challenges in my daily practice.

All clients are consulted during online sessions using Skype or VSee (if you do not have access to these, please let me know and we will find a different solution for our virtual consultations).

Homeopathy has a long track record of being an effective and natural alternative to conventional antidepressant. Homeopathic medicines aid your body in healing the root cause of your postpartum depression and anxiety symptoms, regardless of what might have triggered them. Most cases of depression, anxiety, grief, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD, and other mental/emotional disorders, respond beautifully to consistent homeopathic treatment when applied by an experienced homeopath. Homeopathy is free of side effects and is safe to take by everyone, including babies, pregnant and nursing women. Homeopathy can help reduce or stop your dependence on many conventional medications over time as your body regains balance and overall improved health.


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Lone Pedersen

Homeopath Lone Pedersen DCH, MNHL


Homeopathy is a gentle, inexpensive, non-toxic, non-addictive, yet effective form of medicine that is not tested on animals.




Here’s what I can do for you

Successful, natural and personalized treatment!

Many people are unaware of the fact that homeopathic medicine is an effective and natural alternative to conventional medicine for mood- and depressive disorders.

A professionally trained homeopath will prescribe a homeopathic medicine that is specifically matched to fit your individual needs.   Homeopathic constitutional treatment is tailored to each individual and the symptoms they are experiencing. Constitutional treatment means applying a holistic approach to healthcare, including the mental, emotional as well as the physical symptoms when treating the person. There are hundreds of homeopathic medicines that are commonly used in treating various mental disorders. Each medicine has a distinct pattern of symptoms, as does each person. No two people with depression will tell their story in the same way. You have your unique history and experience, unlike any other person. The homeopaths task is to match your unique symptoms (much like a fingerprint) to the same unique symptoms found in the medicine that will help you feel better.

Whatever the cause of your depression, anxiety, stress, emotional trauma or grief, be it environmental or genetic, it is never a barrier for homeopathic treatment.

The first homeopathic consultation involves a lengthy interview where you are given plenty of time and space to describe all your  symptoms and concerns in detail. The first consultation usually takes about an hour and a half and the follow-up consultations between half an hour to forty-five minutes. The homeopath takes detailed notes as you talk about your physical, mental and emotional symptoms; when the symptoms started and what you are struggling with right now. From this, your homeopath is able to map out a thorough understanding of your past and current health. In all chronic conditions, such as depression, anxiety and other mental and emotional problems, each characteristic that sets you apart from anybody else must be taken into account. As you can see, homeopathy is far from a one size fits all medicine. Homeopathy treats the person with the disease rather then a disease label or diagnosis. Homeopathy views the symptoms we are having a result of the body being out of balance and diseased, rather than the symptoms being the disease. Treating the root cause of why you are having the symptoms brings balance and health on a deep level, with the result being that symptoms start to disappear.

Since homeopathic medicines don’t carry the risk of causing any unwanted side effects, they are a safe and effective alternative to conventional medicine for mood- and depressive disorders.

The medicines themselves are not directly involved in the healing process; rather they act as a catalyst to trigger the body’s weakened immune system to promote healing, and regain a healthy balance on a very deep level. The homeopathic medicine you are prescribed gives your weakened immune system the gentle nudge it needs to bring about healing and balance to the entire system; mind and body collectively. Our body’s has an incredible ability to heal itself and is working hard to do just this all of the time. A compromised immune system lowers the body’s ability to promote the healing it is designed to do. The reasons for this are many. It may be due to stress, shock, trauma, grief, medications that we have been taking, toxins in our environment, exposures to pathogens, vaccines are know to contain toxins that may cause short and long term side-effects in some people. There are a host of other exposures that may overload our system over time, and contribute to a weakening of our body’s natural ability to fight disease and ultimately resulting in symptoms. A homeopath views the symptoms as red warning lights that our system in no longer coping well, and that the body’s self healing mechanism is stuck in it’s attempt to repair. The correct homeopathic medicine that mimics the symptoms you are having will help the body move out of this stuck state and restart the healthy engine that is a well functioning immune system.

What if I am already taking conventional medications for my mood- and depressive disorders?

Homeopathic medicines are not known to interfere with conventional drugs, and are therefore safe to use while receiving other forms of conventional, or alternative treatment. It is however important for your homeopath to know if you are currently taking any conventional medications, as well as informing your medical doctor of your homeopathic treatment. As the homeopathic remedy begins to restore balance within the body and self-healing starts to take place, the amount of conventional medications will often need to be adjusted, reduced or stopped all together. Reducing or stopping any other medications you are currently taking should always be done in close consultation with your prescribing medical doctor or psychiatrist, as well as your homeopath.

What sets homeopathy apart from conventional medicine in the treatment of mood- and depressive disorders?

Homeopathy aims to get to the root of what is causing your complaints. It aids the body in gently removing the symptoms and restore health to mind and body, naturally. Homeopathy has quite an opposite approach to treating disease than conventional medicine. Homeopathy treats the underlying cause and the whole person, always respecting and working with the body’s intelligent healing mechanism. Conventional medicine apply a specific medicine to address specific symptoms or a diagnosis in order to suppress and numb the symptoms. The result is often temporary relief and symptoms returning and often worsening when the medications are stopped. In many instances there is a dependence on the medicine as well as need for other medicines to address side-effects from the first etc. Most, if not all conventional medicine come with a lengthy list of potential and often very harmful side-effects. This is a great cause for concern for many, and a reason why a crowing number of people are seeking out natural treatment options. Homeopathy is not only effective, it is also gentle and safe in use for people of all ages, including babies, pregnant and nursing women. Homeopathic medicines are not habit forming and cause no side-effects.

Combining homeopathy and psychotherapy can often lead to a considerable reduction of the amount of therapy sessions needed.

Psychotherapy although wonderful, helpful and very often necessary,  can be expensive, emotionally draining, as well as time consuming. When receiving homeopathic treatment for your mental and emotional problems disorders, you can expect to see significant improvement in your symptoms within 3 to 4 consultations, often reducing the need for therapy sessions over time. It is recommended to stay with homeopathic treatment anywhere from 3 months to 2 years from start of treatment depending on the individual case. The length of treatment depends on the severity of the complaint, as well as how long the person has had the complaint prior to homeopathic treatment. If you are currently seeing a therapist it is recommended you continue this while starting homeopathic treatment, and reduce the frequency of your visits as your health improves.

Natural and gentle medicine for your mental and emotional well being


  • Postpartum depression
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief 
  • SAD (seasonal affective disorder )
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders)
  • ADHD


Homeopathy – The Ultimate Green Medicine

Natural Action

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanism to promote health, to resist infection, and susceptibility to disease. Although gentle, the results can be powerful and long lasting.

Effective Medicine

When used correctly, homeopathy can be an extremely effective system of medicine, providing long-lasting relief from many acute and chronic conditions and illnesses.

No Harmful Side Effects

Homeopathic treatment offers a gentle and non-invasive approach to health, producing no toxic side effects, no dependency or addiction, and no withdrawal. Homeopathy is safe for people of any age, including babies, pregnant and nursing women.

Not Tested on Animals

Homeopathic medicines are tested only on healthy humans in order to determine the range of action of each remedy. Homeopathic medicines are never tested on animals.


Homeopathy has no adverse impact on the environment, with no waste of energy or natural resources in the manufacturing process. No  pollution of the water supply, oceans, and dump sites when used. Homeopathy is the ultimate Green Medicine!


A complete and holistic system of healing. Homeopathy was developed in Germany in the 1700’s and has been holding its own as a healing modality in the US, Great Britain, Europe, Asia, and around the world for over 200 years. Homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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